pes 2009 باتش القنبله  






 اجمد واخر واحدث باتش 2015 لبيس9

 وطبعا انا اسف على التأخير

Another Tranferation until the date of 10.22.2014 
Chicarret to Real Madrid 
Falcao to Man Utd 
Welbeck to Arsenal 
And more of the summer transfer window 2014/2015 
Backgrounds and graphics taken from the new FIFA 2015 
Add new patrols for the first time in the game 
Banners and slogans and new media in 2015 
Electronic boards new 2015 
Faces up to date for all players in 2015 
Crews 2014/2015 season for all teams 
Minnie Vis real players 
MINIKITS 2014/2015 
HD ground for all stadiums 
Add World Cup 2014 
Add Nations Championship Euro 2012 
Encouragements and songs of the new teams in 2015 
And updated the audience closer to the truth 
Balls and shoes new 2015 
Scorpurdat new 2015 
More and more updates in the patch


اللينك الاول

اللينك التاني

اللينك التالت

الاوبشن فايل



For Patch 

Install patch is inside Folder Game Pace 9 main 

Note: If it fails patch Fptserver Open a folder and press the SETUP and work INSTALL 

For Option Weil 

This is placed in the path 

Documents \ KONAMI



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